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Who Is U-Drain For?

U-drain is suitable for

  • Urostomy Pouch Wearers.
  • Catheter & Leg-Bag Wearers.
  • Sheath Wearers.
  • Urinal Users.
  • Paraplegics & Quadriplegics.

If you currently use a Urine Night Drainage Bag or Bottle then U-drain is for You... There have been virtually no new developments in the whole concept of night drainage bags for many years. In general the principle has stayed the same.

U-drain has changed this and gives the user a choice. Before U-drain arrived, there had been some minor improvements but never anything to eliminate the use of night drainage bags. Just imagine, No Night Bags to carry to the toilet! No more smell of Stale Urine!!! And if you pay for your medical supplies, massive savings!!! Cutting down on Carbon emissions!!! & Saving Water...

For us it doesn't get any better...