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U-Drain Installation


North American installation differs from UK.  Please view instructions on only.

It is essential that we speak to your installer to determine correct saddle-size for connection to your plumbing.

Prior to Installation it is important to choose the correct location for your wall socket. Make sure that the tube length allows for comfortable movement when sleeping.

Also ensure that from your pouch or other connection point, that the clear tubing maintains a constant slope all the way to the connection at the wall socket.

The bed peg as a rule is located halfway between the pouch and the wall socket, and the wall socket is generally 10-12 inches above the floor.

Installation should be carried-out by a trusted handy-man or contractor.

For assistance, call us at 1-905-301-7149 or email us at



Prior to using the system you must ensure that the valve is ready for use and check for any leaks. When the valves are new they may take a few flushes to open properly. When opened after the first time things should be fine. Attach the clear tube to the wall socket. Fill the syringe provided 3 quarters full with water. Discharge the syringe water down the tubing with normal pressure. The liquid should drain away. Repeat this process three times. On the third trial trickle the water down to simulate body drainage. If there is still some liquid remaining in the tube this can be cleared by drawing air into the syringe and discharging it down the tube. Cover access opening with removable access panel when install is complete.