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U-Drain has transformed the lives of may people:

Can I get U-drain on prescription?
U-Drain has applied to various state, provincial, and national medical insurance programs for inclusion and to private insurers for prescription coverage. As approvals are granted and coverage is provided we will include updates here on our website. At present, U-Drain is a patented Class 1 medical device and as such, a portion, if not all of your investment can be reimbursed and may be covered depending upon where you live in North America, and the specifics of your insurance plan. U-Drain encourages you to contact your insurance carrier to determine the availability of coverage for your U-Drain system and supplies. If you have specific questions on this topic, call us at 1-905-301-7149 or email
How much of an improvement to your daily routine has U-drain been?
It's as close as someone in our position can get to normality. No more carrying bags of urine to the toilet, no more stench of urine as you empty the night drainage bag. Basically you hook up at night and un-hook in the morning.
Can U-drain be fitted in high rise apartments?
Yes it can. Each installation is dependent on the proximity and location of the drain system. U-Drain has been installed in homes, apartments, hospitals, and LTC facilities. Our installation experts can provide advice and assistance for more advanced installations.
What guarantees do I get if U-drain does not live up to my expectations?
If you are not completely satisfied with your U-Drain Installation we will give you a refund upon return of the U-drain system.
What backup do I have if I have difficulties in the installation?
Our Installation advisor will help you with any questions you have. You can email us at and schedule a free consultation. If your issue is time-sensitive, call us at 1-905-301-7149
How does U-drain compare in price to night drainage bags?
U-drain offers cost savings against Night Drainage Bags, this had to be a goal for us and we have achieved it.
Why must I add liquid to the pouch for it to work?
Please ensure that your pouch is at least half-way filled with liquid prior to connecting to the system at night . This creates enough pressure for optimum drainage.