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About U-Drain

The System

The system is permanently fitted into the Users home (bedroom or other rooms if required), Installation should take between 1-3 hours. The U-drain system consist of an internal wall socket positioned next to the users bed, this is connected to the house drainage system. The user simply connects their Urostomy appliance or leg bag (or other appliance) to the wall socket at night and disconnects it in the morning, then flush the system with water & disinfectant using the syringe provided. The urine flows away during the night. The system incorporates a one way valve to eliminate odours and stop back-flow. The internal connection tubing that connects the User to the socket is changed every 7 days. We reccomend using a cleanser that does not contain vinegar .  Dettol has been a very common choice of cleanser. Please contact us for details. DO NOT USE BLEACH ON THE STSTEM, IT WILL DAMAGE THE ONE-WAY-VALVE.

The Inventor

The inventor of U-drain is Mr. George McCarthy from Manchester, England, U.K. Mr. McCarthy became a Urostomy wearer in 2005 when an operation for Bowel Cancer meant he also had to have his Bladder removed. Mr. McCarthy was introduced to night drainage bags and taught how to use them. He immediately felt there had to be an alternative to this method. After 7 years of research and testing he has developed the U-drain system. The simplicity of U-drain relieves the day-to-day bind of using night drainage bags. Mr. McCarthy received treatment from “The Christie” hospital in Manchester, England, U.K. He is now a fundraiser for the Hospital and has raised over £100,000.00 which will help other cancer sufferers to get top-class treatment. In gratitude he intends for a percentage of income from U-drain to go to the hospital for research & treatment.